Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Suites

Simple and complete protection for your endpoints and beyond

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services

Cloud-based protection for endpoint and mobile devices.

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services Advanced

Cloud-based protection for your business devices and email.

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ XDR

Detection and response across email and endpoints.
As advanced threats are designed to bypass traditional cybersecurity defenses, the rise of endpoint detection and response (EDR) has proven to be an important tool in the quest to seek out these advanced threats and eliminate them before they compromise data. But while EDR is a good first step, it only focuses on endpoints.
Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Services is a suite of security solutions designed to match the needs of your organization, using a blend of advanced threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity across the endpoint and beyond.


Powered by XGen™ security, Worry-Free Services provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques and connected threat defenses that constantly learns, adapts, and automatically shares intelligence across your environment, giving you detection and response that is:


  • Easy to install, simple to use, and won’t slow you down.
  • A single, intuitive web console for in-depth visibility and control across your entire organization.
  • Manages multiple devices within a single agent.


  • High-fidelity machine learning combined with other state-of-the-art detection techniques gives you the broadest protection against ransomware and advanced attacks.
  • Uses a blend of advanced threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity, any endpoint, and any mailbox.


  • Thanks to our up-to-the-second threat intelligence network, we protect more than 250M endpoints.
  • Wards off threats while you focus on your business.

What Suites Do We Offer

We offer three solutions ranging from endpoing only to cloud app security to full detection and response. Each of the solutions build on the previous one, and you can upgrade from one to another at anytime without having to do any re-installation!

Worry-Free XDR


Worry-Free Services Advanced

Worry-Free Services

 (Worry-Free Services + Cloud App Security + Email Security)
 Worry-Free Services plus:
  • Protection for Microsoft 365, G Suite and cloud file sharing services
  • Business email compromise detection
 (Worry-Free Services Advanced + Endpoint Sensor)
 WF Services Advanced plus:
  • Correlates data automatically across email and endpoint in one console
  • Automated detection, sweeping, hunting, and root cause analysis
  • Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing

How Do The Suites Compare

Each step up provides you with additional features and more security. To give you an idea of the differences, take a look this chart:
Features Worry-Free Services Worry-Free Services Advanced Worry-Free XDR
Endpoint Security
Windows and Mac OS support
Anti-malware and behavior analysis
Predictive and runtime machine learning
Vulnerability protection/virtual patching
Full disk encryption
Application control
Integrated endpoint DLP
Device control
Web Security
Web reputation and URL filtering
Mobile Security and Management
Mobile security and management
Email and collaboration security
Cloud email gateway with DLP
API-based Microsoft 365/G Suite protection
Cloud sandboxing
BEC and credential phishing protection
Box & Dropbox protection
Cross-Layer Detection and Response (XDR)
Correlates data automatically across email and endpoint in one console
Automated detection, sweeping, hunting, and root cause analysis
Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing
Price per user (1 computer + 2 mobile devices) per month $ 2.17 $ 3.59 $ 8.05

Which Suite Is For You

With each option building upon the previous one, and the ability to step up to the next level of protection with a simple license upgrade, where you start depends upon your business needs.

Worry-Free Services

You can easily start with Worry-Free Services to protect your individual endpoints. It provides you with much more than just an anti-virus by providing web blocking/filtering, data loss prevention capabilities, device control, behavior monitoring, virtual patching and more.
  • Automatic updates and continuous protection
  • An all-in-one light weight agent
  • Cloud-based console
  • Protects against advanced threats, web threats, malicious software and safeguards your data

Worry-Free Services Advanced

If you use Microsoft 365, G Suite, cloud based file sharing services, or if you want extra security added to your email system, then step up to the Worry-Free Services Advanced.
  • Direct cloud-to-cloud integration using vendor API’s – usually deployed in minutes
  • Finds zero-day and hidden threats using advanced techniques including sandboxing
  • Protects email (inbound + internal) and file sharing services
  • Dashboard integrated in Worry-Free Services console
  • Blocked 12.7 million high risk threats missed by Microsoft 365 in 2019

Worry-Free XDR

Do you need to detect and respond across email, file sharing, endpoints, etc. to respond to a targeted attack, then sign up for the Worry-Free XDR option. It combines all of the other products features with the Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor giving you:
  • Automatic data correlation from sensors that collect detection and activity data across endpoint and email—the number one threat vector
  • Automated investigation and root cause analysis, including step-by-step recommended actions, allowing IT admin to mitigate issues quickly
  • One console (Worry-Free Services) with native integration to endpoint and email
  • Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing

How Do I Get Started

Getting started is as easy as one, two three...
  1. Decide which of the three suites works best for you, and if your not sure, just reach out to us and we can help<
  2. Count the number of endpoints you have. You don't have to be exact, billing is done by the number that you have used each month. So if you're off, it is no problem
  3. Sign up online by clicking on one of the following (or reach out to us and we will set up the order for you):
    Worry-Free Services
    Worry-Free Services Advanced
    Worry-Free XDR
Once your order has been reviewed, we will send you information on how to access your account.