Dec 15th 2023 Trend Micro Security Products

We are pleased to announce that due to our partnership with Trend Micro, we are now able to sell several more security products.  In addition to Worry Free Services, we now sell Worry Free Services Advanced, which adds several features such as cloud application protection and business email compromise detection, and Worry Free XDR adding root ... Read More »

May 5th 2023 New Product Offering - NordVPN monthly and annual subscriptions

Do you travel to other countries?  Maybe just to the local coffee shop or restaurant?  Do you need to make sure no one is monitoring your web browsing, emails and files you are working on?  NordVPN, one of the premier Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers, is now available through us.  With a single subscription you can protect up to 6 ... Read More »

Dec 1st 2022 Microsoft 365 Price Increase

Throughout 2022 Microsoft has been updating their pricing and descriptions for their suite of online applications.  This includes items such as their Microsoft 365 and Office 365 packages.  Although the prices have changed throughout the year, we won't be updating our prices until 12/01/2023.  At that time you may notice some of the ... Read More »