Support Utilities

NOTE: The following utilities are unsupported with limited to no documentation available. Use of them is done at your own risk and may result in unexpected issues such as system issues and data loss. USE AT OWN RISK

Profile Migrator

Our profile migrator tool will copy your user data from one workstation to another in a business environment. When it does this your data on the new machine will be deleted and replaced with what is on the old workstation. In order to run this application, please note the following:

  • Both machines must be on the same network and accessible to each other (i.e. no device isolation)
  • It has only been tested on domain joined machines, but may work on workgroup machines with the same username / password on each
  • Same user account must be used on both machines
  • All data in the users Desktop, Documents, Download, Music and Videos folders will be replaced on the machine this is run on with the ones from the machine it is pointed to when running

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